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Thursday, November 21, 2013

21-11-2013♥ SPM-ing

It's been more than 3 MONTHS I have not updating my blog!Feel so sorry~hahah~These few months i have try my best to PREPARE for my SPM!The most important exam in my secondary school~And now it is continue-ing BUT it is also near the ending! I really hope it can finish ASAP because I really so EXPECT for my LIFE AFTER SPM!How awesome it would be!Ans I'm gonna DIP DYE my hair with PURPLE colour!
Woahhh!!!!Love it! After that Im gonna have a CLASS PARTY with all my beloved classmates!It must be FANTASTIC!!! Moreover,I will be going to travel at KL and Pulau Ketam!
Such a Beautiful island! That's all fr today!Good night,World!;)

Monday, July 8, 2013

My Last Hari Sukan in SMSM!(also my last sport day of my secondary school life~)

yea,right,i'm late.Last Saturday was my school sport day and also my last sport day of my secondary school life!it was so amazing,everything was so good!and i love the SUN,the PEMBARISAN,the MASCOT,the PAPAN KENYATAAN and most importantly,I LOVE MY BF!
hohoho~my butterfly 'tattoo'!love it!
Rumah Ungu Papan!wow,adorable!;)
are we looks alike Chatime staff??hahahhaha!!!!
and the last but not least,congrats rumah ungu won the best pembarisan and the best khemah!!!wooohooooo~~~